Broadway Master Class: Producers

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  • Nelle Nugent

    Legendary five-time Tony® winning producer, instructs viewers on how to build a reputation, secrets to how to think about Broadway, sustaining a hit, and more. Broadway highlights: “Latin History for Morons”, “American Buffalo”, “The Glass Menagerie”.

  • Tom Smedes

    Tony® winning producer, Tom Smedes, instructs viewers on how to choose a show to produce commercially, how to find solutions to challenges and the most important class a would-be producer must take in school. Broadway highlights: “The Prom”, “Farinelli and the King” and “Bandstand.”

  • Mara Isaacs

    Two-time Tony® winner, Mara Issacs, teaches producers how to create an effective culture with a Broadway production team, how to develop your own aesthetic and the secret to how choosing the right internship can change the course of your career.
    Broadway highlights: “The Inheritance”, “Hadestown”...

  • Stephen Byrd, Alia Jones Harvey

    One of the most celebrated producing partnerships on Broadway, four-time Tony® nominees Stephen C. Byrd and Alia Jones-Harvey, get real about how to rethink a classic, how to position your production as an event and the one thing a Broadway producer must have above all else. Broadway highlights:...