Broadway On Demand - Film Festival Finalists

  • Cockroaches and Cologne

    A quirky romantic musical comedy about a couple who meet for a hook up at a Manhattan hotel and find out much more about each other than they ever imagined. Aside from one day of filming in a green screen studio, following all SAG COVID-19 safety guidelines, the production process was virtual. O...

  • The Pigeon & The Mouse

    Created and Directed by Tony Bordonaro & Ingrid Kapteyn; Performed by Tony Bordonaro & Ingrid Kapteyn; Written by Tony Bordonaro & Ingrid Kapteyn; Produced in Partnership with the Empty Circle Gallery; Cinematography and Editing by Daniel Robinson; Art by Olya Dubatova & Levon Petrosyan; Sound De...


    Written by Krista Knight, Film directed, produced, & virtualized by No Puppet Co (Krista Knight & Barry Brinegar), Voiced by Ben Beckley


    This is a music video adaptation of the hit Broadway show, Six. Covering the mind-blowing opening number “Ex-wives”. Directed by Darius Aaron Frye, Choreographed by Haley Izurieta, Crew: Manny Madera, Lexie Lawndy, Emily Boliver

  • The Interrogation/By the Numbers

    Deaf Austin theatre is a non-profit theatre company located in Austin Texas that strives to produce original and published works through American Sign Language. In the spring of 2021, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Deaf Austin Theatre hosted a virtual short play festival, sending out a call for ne...

  • The Elephant and the Light in Claire's Suitcase | Greg Romero & Liz Fisher

    Claire carries a suitcase holding memories of a life she doesn’t know she is leaving. Joined by an almost-remembered Bruce and an Elephant who transports things, Claire wanders, searching the pieces of her life. Told through puppetry and music, we invite you to witness this dance of saying goodbye.